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Cost Efficient IT Investing Strategies

Our vast experience in the industry allows us to streamline your company?s network to provide you a higher level of performance at a lower cost. Network Advocates surveyed 10 of our customer companies across the nation to measure how well our strategies actually worked.

  • Customers surveyed saved an average of 39% on operational costs, with the highest customer savings of 65%.
  • Surveyed customers enjoyed increased Internet connection speeds, sometimes as much as 26 times faster than their previous setup.
  • eMail spam and virus filtering service, called VirusGard? VirusGard?, has blocked 100% of viruses/malicious code for >4 years. This service also identifies spam with 98% accuracy before it reaches the Inbox. VirusGard filters millions of eMails each month, with 79% of eMails identified as spam.
  • The average payback period is less than 19 months, with the quickest return on investment period just over 7 months.

The Bottom Line

Network Advocates will save you money. The examples given above provide a quick overview of how our services will reduce your costs. Add in the time your employees will regain to do their jobs efficiently, and you will find that your company cannot afford to go without our services.Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation session to review your environment and allow us to make recommendations.

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